Services & Special Programs

Focus on the Children serves the needs of children in Livingston County, NY


FOTC serves hundreds of children every year.  FOTC looks to place an emphasis on the direct needs and opportunities of children in our communities and schools.  Using an online application, the agency partners with local schools and agencies to identify and advocate for the needs of children they are serving.

- prescriptions, eyeglasses, dental visits, beds and cribs, safety gates, special clothing needs such as coats and boots, tutoring costs, counseling fees, etc.

- camp, field trips, music lessons, special clubs, recreational costs, etc.

Special Programs

Children will be identified by our partner agencies to benefit from our Back-to-School and Christmas Programs. Schools will be provided a customized list of supplies which will they will distribute to students returning to school. 

At Christmas, families will receive gifts purchased especially for them by the hundreds of sponsors supporting the program.