Board of Directors / Officers / Volunteers

Focus on the Children was established in 1993 after years of collaboration between Jones Chemicals, Inc. CEO, Robert Jones and his pastor (United Presbyterian Stone Church, Caledonia, NY), Merl Galusha.  The two worked together to assist families first in their home community and then branched out to include families from Livingston County.  Merl enlisted the help of Laura Canne.  Laura soon became the first Executive Director to serve Focus on the Children when it incorporated in 1993.  Robert's daughter, Elizabeth Sherwood helped "Bob", Merl, and Laura develop a Board of Directors, Mission Statement and Constitution.  Since then, the agency has been privileged to have many contributors serve as board members and lend their expertise and commitment to the mission of FOTC.

FOTC is a fully volunteer organization. Various volunteers assist with the daily operations, such as bookkeeping and administrative support. 

The current directors and primary volunteers are as follows, most recently welcoming Mark Howlett, Bryan Little, and Steve Harrington (2018) to the Board of Directors:  

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Bryan Little Director, Treasurer 
Elizabeth (Betsy) Sherwood Volunteer, Administrative Assistant 
Lindsey Peet Director 
Marjorie Jones Emeritus, deceased 
Merl Galusha Emeritus (Co-Founder), deceased 
Regan Howlett Director 
Robert B. Jones Founder / Deceased 
Sandra Braun Director 
Sarah Sherwood Director, President 
Steve Harrington Director 
Tina Little Director, Secretary 
Tom Wiggins Director, Vice President 
Showing 12 items