A Little Bit About Us



Focus on the Children is a private not-for-profit funding agency serving the needs of children of Livingston County when no other agency or program can. You are receiving this correspondence because we have collaborated in the past.


Our Board of Directors has discussed our role in assisting you and the children in your care during this time of uncertainty. Some areas for consideration, but not limited to:

-       Medication refills / copays, etc.

-       Child Care Costs for health workers and other essential support personnel

-       School tools and supplies

-       Household needs

-       Unusual or unmet child-centered needs

-       We may also have access to information for Food Securities, made available through an emergency grant from Livingston County United Way. Contact us directly if you think your school or community could benefit.


Click on the link below to access our simple form for assistance; however, please do not hesitate to call us or email us directly to discuss how our agency may assist families from your community / school / area of service.


We are also offering to do direct case work with families. Individuals are invited to also use the link to our application. A  representative will be in contact with you as soon as possible. There will be no face to face meetings. All case management will be done via phone, text or email. 
We wish you and yours health and perseverance at this difficult time.

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